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Gaylord Christmas 2018
Christmas Gala at Gaylord, MN December 2018

Gaylord Christmas 2

Gaylord Christmas Gala

Gaylord Christmas 2018 with youth choir

Playing with the Immanual Lutheran Church/School bell choir at Gaylord, MN


More pics from the Gaylord Christmas Gala event

Gayord Christmas Gala Collage



Ringers at Area VII Festival in Rochester, MN
These are the ringers that attended the "Rendezvous in Rochester",
the Area VII AGEHR Festival Conference.

Click here to open the photo gallery of the 2009 concert set up.

Click here to open the Photo Gallery of the Four Handbell Choirs in Concert at the Bloomington, MN Center for the Arts on April 4, 2009

Group shot--courtyard at Our Savior's Church
All of us in the courtyard at Our Savior's Lutheran Church.


RBB at Blue Earth, MN for a Christmas concert with Stub Highway 253

In concert with Stub Hyw 253

River Bend Bells representatives at the AGEHR Area VII Convention
River Bend Bells represented at Area Vii Convention


River Bend Bells performance at Old Main Village in Mankato, MN

Entry to Night at the Movies
Two members of River Bend Bells with our hostess, Rica

The main dining room at Old Main Village
Dining room of Old Main Village "A Night at the Movies"

Performance at Old Main Village
Setting Up

Old Main Village performance 2

Old Main Performance 3

Old Main Performance 4


At the Capitol September 9, 2007

Unloading bells for performance
What exactly do you mean by ABSOLUTELY?

Ringing at the Capitol photo 1
Now that we're in without getting arrested there is time for warm up.

Picture 5 set up in the rotunda

Ringing at the capitol photo 2

Ringing at the Capitol photo 3


Wendy's Wedding in Mankato

Ringers at our director's wedding
Wendy's wedding in Mankato


Worship Service in Mankato

Worship service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Worship service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Mankato


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Waseca, MN performance

Waseca Teardown after performance
After the performance everything has to come down.

Waseca teardown 2
Tables and all!

Audience members checking the bells
Audience members like to see the bells "up close" after a performance.

Waseca audience members checking the bells
Waseca audience members getting a closer look at the bells.

Talking with Waseca audience members
Talking with audience members from Waseca

Bass Bells
Everyone is always curious about the Bass Bells!

Set up crew for Waseca
Part of the crew that set-up for the Waseca performance.


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Holiday Party in Mankato

RBB at Masterpiece Holiday Party
Set Up for Masterpiece's Holiday Dinner

More Masterpiece pix
Final Rehearsal before dinner starts!

Holiday Brunch Mendakota Country Club

Mendakota Country Club Holiday Brunch
Mendakota Country Club - Holiday Brunch

Mendakota final check
Final check before Brunch at Mendakota CC

Concert 2004

Nov Concert
In Concert November 2004

Sue ready to ring.
Ready to ring

Fall 2002 Concert