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American Guild of English Handbell Ringers Web Site

Area VII

Twin Cities Bronze
(who helped us get off to a great start! -- Thanks guys!)

The BEST brand of bells! (Of course, that's what we have!)

Jeffers Handbell World -- Great suppliers of Handbell music and equipment.

Handbells, Etc. Web Site (Great handbell gifts & novelty items
plus info about ringing safely!)

Handbell Enthusiast? Want to talk to more people about Handbells?
Subscribe to Handbell-L! To subscribe, send a message from the e-mail address you want to subscribe with a *blank* Subject line to
listproc@ringem.org and place as the *only* text in the body of the message
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Do not include the quotes!

Some great handbell jokes (OK, maybe not so great,
but they are handbell jokes! -- Hey, I like them and
I'm the director so they have to laugh!)

Insight into a lot of handbell areas!

Some great misc. handbell stuff

Lots more misc. handbell stuff!